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The firm also added a net of three equity partners, for a total of 46. That pushed revenue per lawyer (RPL) up by 2 percent, to $661,000 and profits per partner (PPP) up by 1.6 percent, to $939,000. “We’ve had a very strong run. Each of our past five years has been our best year to date, which puts increasing pressure on the following year, obviously,” said the Atlanta-based firm’s managing partner, Jonathan Eady. Over the past three years , Arnall Golden’s revenue has increased about 25 percent (from $79.5 million in 2014), RPL has increased 17 percent (from $565,000),  and PPP has jumped 32 percent (from $710,000). Eady said technology expenditures “continue to grow as a percentage of our expenses, and we project that that will continue over time.” Last year the firm made additional investments in technology to increase the speed and security of systems and automate more systems internally, he said, adding that it will continue to do so in 2018. Arnall Golden promoted four partners—all women—to equity status at the beginning of 2017: Althea Broughton in real estate, Sandra Zayac in public finance, Sara Lord in litigation, government investigations and health care, and Suzanne Tucker Plybon in private wealth. The firm also promoted eight associates to partner. “It was a big year as far as transitions to partner and income partner,” Eady said.

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